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We are authorized to sell Minecraft to educational institutions at a greatly reduced cost:

  • $18.00 USD per game license for fewer than 25 copies of Minecraft.
  • $335 USD for a classroom set of 25 game licenses.
NOTE: The discounted price is only available with the purchase of the MinecraftEdu Custom Mod, for a one-time fee of $41. Prices do not include VAT where eligible. EU customers: please include a valid VAT-number. Your number can be verified here
VAT will be added according to the Finnish tax policies. Current rate 24%.

Unsure how many game licenses you need? Read our Purchasing FAQ!

See Minecraft client system requirements here.
See Minecraft server system requirements here.


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MinecraftEdu Editions

In addition to the original Minecraft game licenses, you will also receive the MinecraftEdu custom mod, designed for classroom use.

  • $41 USD - Classroom Edition - Unrestricted version for schools, unlimited users.

The Classroom Edition is a single, one-time purchase for schools and includes all the software you need to use with any number of clients and servers. The Personal Edition will be made available to home users that already own Minecraft and wish to use our special features.

Supported platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Purchasing Notes:

  • We can accept purchase orders, bank transfers, checks, or credit cards.
  • You can install the game on as many computers as you like, so long as each game account is used only once simultaneously.
  • When you purchase Minecraft from us, you will receive gift codes that can be redeemed at minecraft.net for the full game.


QUESTIONS? Read our Purchasing FAQ!

Step One

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Step Two

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NOTE: there will also be a one-time $41 charge for the MinecraftEdu Classroom Edition.

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Interested in KerbalEdu?
Add KerbalEdu licenses to your order to get 15% off KerbalEdu licenses.

Kerbal licenses:

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NOTE: The KerbalEdu educational mod is still in the early stages of development,
but you can order Kerbal Space Program's original version with reduced education pricing.
All customers who get the game licenses from us before the education mod is released will receive
the mod for free!

Step Three

Your desired payment method
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Step Four

Verification / Submit order
I affirm that I am a representative of an educational institution who is authorized to make purchases. I understand that it is fraudulent to use MinecraftEdu.com to purchase Minecraft for personal use.

Press the button below to make an order. We will first manually verify your school information and after that send you information by email, how to pay with the desired method you chose. We will log IP address of every order sent into our systems.