The MinecraftEdu Custom Mod

Playing Minecraft with students in a classroom setting is an amazing experience. However, the barrier to entry used to be quite high. To get the most out of the game, you needed to have a strong technical background, be comfortable running servers, and be willing to troubleshoot problems at any given moment. These challenges could be insurmountable for many teachers. We set out to change this!

The MinecraftEdu custom mod makes it easy to get the game running smoothly and have your students playing together in no time. Plus, we've included a dream wishlist of features that directly impact your ability to teach your lessons with the game.

Please remember that MinecraftEdu Custom Mod is an addon and will require Minecraft game license(s) in order to play. 

Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux!


  • All special features are accessible through in-game menus... no config files or command lines!
  • Write assignments and instructions that are visible to students.
  • Students can use their names, pick a gender, and change their skin while playing.
  • Password-protected "Teacher Mode" with access to many powerful abilities.
  • Run a custom server for each of your classes with just a few clicks.
  • Ability to save and load worlds and activites.
  • Powerful world-building tools to quickly create your own lessons.
  • Custom teacher-only blocks that can give information, create boundaries, or control where students can build.
  • Teleport students, give items, and allow flying.
  • Ability to mute/unmute and freeze/unfreeze students.
  • Change the time, weather and game modes on the fly.
  • Includes an expansive Tutorial World to introduce new players to the game.

The mod is currently available to all of our customer schools that purchase Minecraft from us. It will be made more widely available soon. If you wish to support our development, you may make a donation!


MinecraftEdu Custom Mod is constantly in development and evolving. This doesn't mean that it's an unfinished product, what it means is that we are constantly developing it and listening to your feedback when doing so! The final feature sets and prices may differ.

Classroom Edition

  • Only available to schools.
  • All world-building and classroom management features included.
  • 100 players on classroom server.
  • Costs $41 US Dollars


The Classroom Edition is a single, one-time purchase for schools and includes all the software you need to use with any number of clients and servers. Original Minecraft game licenses are needed in order to play. 

More worlds and lessons coming soon!