Why Minecraft?

Every day, more and more teachers are using the world-building game Minecraft to engage and educate. The game is a true phenomenon and gamers young and old are using it in countless creative ways. Practitioners of Games Based Education have realized the potential and have embraced Minecraft in classrooms around the world. Now you can too!

What is MinecraftEdu?

MinecraftEdu is the collaboration of a small team of educators and programmers from the United States and Finland. We are working with Mojang AB of Sweden, the creators of Minecraft, to make the game affordable and accessible to schools everywhere. We have also created a suite of tools that make it easy to unlock the power of Minecraft in YOUR classroom.


What do we offer?

  • Educational discounts on the game - We are able to sell Minecraft at up to 50% off the full price. Buy now!
  • Custom versions of the game designed specifically for teachers and students with many extra features that support classroom use.
  • Easy-to-use server software that simplifies the task of getting multiplayer up and running.
  • World-building tools that make it simple to incorporate your own curricular content.
  • A free library of worlds / levels / activities that you can use with our software to teach a variety of subjects.
  • Onsite workshops and inservice training for you and your colleagues.

Our custom MinecraftEdu mod was created by teachers, for teachers. It works right on top of the original Minecraft game and is designed for classroom use. We've lowered the barriers so that ANY teacher can benefit from this amazing game.