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MinecraftEdu is a school-ready remix of the original smash hit game Minecraft. Minecraft Education Edition - Bring Minecraft to the Classroom! We provide discounted Minecraft licenses to educational institutions, a custom edition of the game with features designed especially for classroom use, and a hosting service to let users connect and play together.

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Made by teachers for teachers, fine-tuned for the classroom.

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Countless activities you can host yourself or in the cloud.

Education Edition FAQ

Yes, we were acquired by Microsoft. Read what it means here.

In a nutshell:

  • You can keep using MinecraftEdu as long as you like
  • MinecraftEdu sales will continue normally for now
  • MinecraftEdu owners will be offered one year of the new Education Edition for free
  • MinecraftEdu Hosted Servers will keep working, and you can still sign up for them
  • TeacherGaming won’t be going anywhere and we have exciting new plans for the future!

Play in the Cloud!

Running your own MinecraftEdu server can be a rewarding experience… but it’s not for everyone.

We provide:

  • A fast stable server for your classes.
  • Secure and designed to work with school networks
  • White glove support and service
  • Countless activities and lesson ideas to fit your needs

Only $25.00/month per classroom server.

Learn to Program!

We developed a new way to learn programming with turtle robots in Minecraft!


  • Free and available for everyone
  • Intuitive tile-based programming
  • Syntax helper to learn statements and conditionals
  • Progress to program in Lua code
  • Powerful new way to play Minecraft!

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Recent News

As you might have already heard, Microsoft will be acquiring MinecraftEdu. You can read their announcement here. You can find FAQ on our website but here are some quick facts for MinecraftEdu users: 

  • You can keep using MinecraftEdu as long as you like.
  • MinecraftEdu sales will continue normally for now.
  • MinecraftEdu owners will be offered one year of the new Education Edition for free.
  • MinecraftEdu Hosted Servers will keep working, and can still sign up for one.
  • TeacherGaming won’t be going anywhere and we have new exciting plans for the future!

We wanted to take the opportunity and share our thoughts on the matter. 

Ever since Microsoft purchased Mojang in late 2014, we have been working with their team to plan for the future. We are happy that these plans can now be discussed openly. Microsoft will release an entirely new version of the game called Minecraft: Education Edition that will have many features inspired by MinecraftEdu. Microsoft will also use their impressive resources and reach to bring Minecraft into far more classrooms than ever before. We believe that Minecraft’s educational potential has barely been explored and that there are exciting times ahead.

When we started TeacherGaming in 2011, we had no idea where this journey would take us. Our company was founded entirely by teachers and programmers who were determined to make a different kind product for classrooms. We believed that great games could empower teachers to deliver new and meaningful experiences for students. And we were privileged to work with one of the greatest games of all time – Minecraft! 

We experimented, we iterated, we sought out early adopters. We listened to teachers, students, parents, administrators, researchers, and more. We owe a debt to all these innovative people who imagined new ways to teach and learn. They helped shape MinecraftEdu into what is has become. We are incredibly proud of the product we created and its impact on students worldwide.
Both TeacherGaming and Microsoft are committed to making this transition a smooth one. In the next several days we will be releasing more information about how this change affects current MinecraftEdu users and what to expect. But we wanted to share some basic facts today.

Anyone who wishes to keep using MinecraftEdu can continue to do so. We recognize that thousands of schools have invested time and resources in developing their MinecraftEdu offerings. The game will continue to function just as it has for the foreseeable future. If you are using our Hosting Service to run your servers in the cloud, everything will keep working. In fact, we’ve been adding features to our hosting service to make it better than ever!
If you choose to migrate from MinecraftEdu to the Minecraft: Education Edition once it becomes available, you’ll receive a free year of service from Microsoft. More details soon.

We hope that people will look back on MinecraftEdu as a kind of laboratory that explored the possibilities of new kinds of learning. We helped map the contours of how a game like Minecraft could affect the future of education. And every day we were inspired by the creative ways that teachers and students used the game. Ultimately, we brought MinecraftEdu to over 10,000 schools in more than 45 countries. It is currently used at every level from kindergarten through graduate school, and it has been applied to nearly all subject areas. 

TeacherGaming will carry on with its mission to bring great games to the classroom. We continue to work on KerbalEdu which is based on the award-winning Kerbal Space Program. And we’ll be making other exciting announcements about our portfolio of games soon, too! There is still so much untapped potential for using games to educate, inspire, and connect with students. We can’t wait to continue the journey.

-The TeacherGaming Team

“Keep learning fun!”

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