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MinecraftEdu is a school-ready remix of the original smash hit game Minecraft, played by over 30 million people worldwide. We provide discounted Minecraft licenses to educational institutions, a custom edition of the game with features designed especially for classroom use and lead hands-on learning programs.

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Made by teachers for teachers, fine-tuned for the classroom.

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Qualifying educational institutions receive significant discounts.

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A whole class can play together in minutes.

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In early 2011, teachers in Finland and the United States were exploring ways to engage students with a new game called Minecraft. The potential was huge, but teachers like Joel Levin (@MinecraftTeachr) and Santeri Koivisto (@Aalvisto) realized the need to develop a special version of the game just for education.


Development Blog

There is also a development blog ( where Aleksi and Toni share their thoughts about the development and post progress updates.

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Recent News

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a roundup, and there plenty to feature! School is very much in session with MinecraftEdu in the United States and many places elsewhere in the world!


Kicking off the roundup is a tweet from Rachel Armstrong with some students working together to learn MinecraftEdu.

We love student collaboration! Thanks for the share!

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