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MinecraftEdu is a school-ready remix of the original smash hit game Minecraft. Minecraft Education Edition - Bring Minecraft to the Classroom! We provide discounted Minecraft licenses to educational institutions, a custom edition of the game with features designed especially for classroom use, and a hosting service to let users connect and play together.

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Made by teachers for teachers, fine-tuned for the classroom.

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Qualifying educational institutions receive significant discounts.

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Yet Simple

Countless activities you can host yourself or in the cloud.

Play in the Cloud!

Running your own MinecraftEdu server can be a rewarding experience… but it’s not for everyone.

We provide:

  • A fast stable server for your classes.
  • Secure and designed to work with school networks
  • White glove support and service
  • Countless activities and lesson ideas to fit your needs

Beta pricing: $20/month per classroom server.

Learn to Program!

We developed a new way to learn programming with turtle robots in Minecraft!


  • Free and available for everyone
  • Intuitive tile-based programming
  • Syntax helper to learn statements and conditionals
  • Progress to program in Lua code
  • Powerful new way to play Minecraft!

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Recent News

Ever wondered what’s it like to work at TeacherGaming? The company is soon reaching pre-school age so a certain culture has formed over the years. To give you an idea, we asked one of our most recent team members, Raido Roomets to reflect back on his internship at the company.

Day 141 of the internship.

They promised me I could go home soon.

Please send supplies.

Okay, all joking aside, hello everyone! My name is Raido and I’m the new face in the TeacherGaming team. I currently study software engineering at Tampere University of Applied Sciences but hopefully not for long. No, I’m not going to drop out and become the next Bill Gates, I hope to graduate in 8 months. My studies include a mandatory 5 months of practical training or internship (whichever you want to call it) and that’s how I ended up contacting TeacherGaming and the rest you might have already guessed since I’m writing this post (I was hired if you didn’t guess).

To be completely honest with you I was terrified when I started my internship. The crew behind MinecraftEdu and KerbalEdu had been working together for a long time already and based on what I had heard the programmers here are pretty incredible and had a huge amount of experience. I wasn’t really sure how much I could contribute and if I had any value for the company but you never really get anywhere by not trying so it was time to just buckle up and do my best.

Right from the beginning it was clear that TeacherGaming is a company made by its employees. Everyone is valued as part of the team and whatever crazy idea you get you should throw it out there - someone will most likely catch it and suddenly we end up doing it. My first assignment was to work on the website for “soon to be released” (now released) modification ComputerCraftEdu and I was somewhat stunned by the idea that I was given complete freedom to do what I wish with the page. It showed me that I’m trusted to do my job and to do it the best I can which made me want to go deeper into the web design which I hadn’t done almost at all previously and learn all I can. The first prototype of the final page was actually done around midnight on Wednesday after I ended up hating all the previous ideas I had and suddenly had an inspiration. After that night I finally understood that it’s not about the office hours or working from eight to five - it’s about getting your job done in whichever way works for you.

Luckily I was able to see pretty much everything TeacherGaming has to offer during my internship. We went to build catapults with the co-workers, release new content, sit around doing nothing while at work, eat cake, fight with code and bugs and most of all laugh like crazy. I worked on ComputerCraftEdu website, KerbalEdu website, paper turtle editor for web, EU CodeWeek website and lesson planner for KerbalEdu. I’m not even joking when I say that no day was like previous one.

Senior team members working on their catapult.

So why am I writing about my internship? Because this is a special week for TeacherGaming since there are four new interns starting at the same time right now. This is actually pretty huge deal - it’s almost a 50% increase to our current staff! And why do we have so many people starting at the same time? Well, I’m pretty sure there will be teasers and leaked information in near future but let’s just say we have started working on something new - something big. So if you haven’t started following us in social media this is the time to do it! Head out to Twitter or Facebook, follow us and you’ll be among the first to know what this crazy bunch is up to next.

In other news, our event for the EU CodeWeek starts next week and it will be awesome! People have been signing up from all over Finland so if you happen to be around do pop in and see what’s going on. All the information you need will be available at . KerbalEdu had a new website released a few weeks ago and what’s more important - Earth History Campaign had first 4 missions released so remember to go and check them out! The missions can be downloaded or launched directly from the website or from the Mission Library. Hopefully you like the missions since we are planning on releasing a fistful more in the coming months.

Thanks for your time and for reading this wall of text. Have a nice October, enjoy the best season of the year and remember to keep playing!

- Raido @RaidoRts

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