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MinecraftEdu is a school-ready remix of the original smash hit game Minecraft. Minecraft Education Edition - Bring Minecraft to the Classroom! We provide discounted Minecraft licenses to educational institutions, a custom edition of the game with features designed especially for classroom use, and a hosting service to let users connect and play together.

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What is MinecraftEdu

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Made by teachers for teachers, fine-tuned for the classroom.

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Qualifying educational institutions receive significant discounts.

Flexible & Powerful,
Yet Simple

Countless activities you can host yourself or in the cloud.

Play in the Cloud!

Running your own MinecraftEdu server can be a rewarding experience… but it’s not for everyone.

We provide:

  • A fast stable server for your classes.
  • Secure and designed to work with school networks
  • White glove support and service
  • Countless activities and lesson ideas to fit your needs

Beta pricing: $20/month per classroom server.

Learn to Program!

We developed a new way to learn programming with turtle robots in Minecraft!


  • Free and available for everyone
  • Intuitive tile-based programming
  • Syntax helper to learn statements and conditionals
  • Progress to program in Lua code
  • Powerful new way to play Minecraft!

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Recent News

Welcome to the July news and updates! This time ComputerCraftEdu stole the headlines, but we also released a new stable build and went to Minecon!


ComputerCraftEdu brings programmable turtle robots to Minecraft! It is a free mod available to all MinecraftEdu and regular Minecraft players. CCEdu is an excellent tool to learn coding and with it your students will be engaged to find ways to use turtles to automate and extend their usual Minecraft activities both at home and school.

Robotic turtles can be controlled in three ways. The easiest method is the remote controller, which is good for beginners and excellent for small puzzles. The cornerstone of ComputercraftEdu, the Visual Editor, can be used to create various programs with ease. While different on the surface, it follows the same logic as the Lua programming language. Lastly there is the Code Editor where you can write the actual Lua-script. These available options make the mod easy to use and suitable for all skill levels.


You can download the mod by using the MinecraftEdu Online Mods Repository, by manually downloading the mod from ComputerCraftEdu website or by updating your MinecraftEdu to the most recent stable version (1.7.10 Build 20). Your students can also download the mod from the CCEdu website and continue coding at home!

The best way to start using ComputerCraftEdu is our tutorial world: Turtle Canyon. It teaches the very basic features with clear instructions. These skills will become handy in Turtle Island, which is a slightly more advanced map. There is a separate wiki page (Turtle Island wiki) just for this world, so be sure to read that before exploring the various areas of the island.

New stable build

New stable build (1.7.10 build 20) is out! It comes with ComputerCraftEdu, updated mod support, more skins, better support for different languages and plenty of small fixes and improvements compared to the previous stable build (build 12). Here is a small video tutorial on how you can update MinecraftEdu.


United for Wildlife: We are the Rangers - project!

United for Wildlife is running a campaign to develop a Minecraft adventure map based on the conservation challenges faced by African wildlife. You can participate in the project by creating various animals, buildings and items, and submitting pictures of your creations to their website: Now is a great opportunity join a good cause and teach wildlife preservation to students!


Minecon coverage

The largest Minecraft event in the world took place in London on the first weekend of June. Our team showcased new ComputerCraftEdu, took part in panels and spread the word of Minecraft in education to the whole conference.

The conference featured a glass-walled classroom that showcased teachers from all over the world hosting lessons from STEM to pixel art and programming to digital storytelling. There were three educational panels during the weekend - our very own producers Jannika (@jannikaaalto) taking part in one. The educational aspects of Minecraft were a core part of the conference!


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